Xinjiang Lakes

There are more than ten beautiful lakes in Xinjiang, and among them, the most famous are Tianchi Lake, Kanas Lake, Ulungur Lake, Sayram Lake, Bosten Lake, etc.

Tianchi Lake
Chinese Name: 天池
Location: Located 45km east of Urumqi, about two hours drive from
In summer: 95 RMB/per.
In winter: 45 RMB/pers.
Shuttle: 60 RMB/pers.
Recommended length of visit: half day – 1 day

Tianchi means “heavenly lake”, located north of the Tianshan mountain range, is a natural alpine lake with 1980 meters above sea level. The green slopes bring out the beauty of the celestial lake and the snow-capped peaks, which justifies its nickname of “Chinese Switzerland”.

The attraction is well equipped with numerous tourist infrastructures. It is possible to make beautiful hikes along a path that runs along the southern shores, which are the most accessible. From there, you can extend the trek and make a Kazakh land excursion and spend a night in a yurt.

Kanas Lake
Chinese Name: 喀纳斯湖
Location: Located 880km north of Urumqi
Opening hours: 08h00 – 19h00
Ticket: 150 RMB/pers. (Shuttle: 60 RMB/pers.)
Recommended length of visit: 2-3 days

It is a mountain lake located on the southern edge of the Altai Range on the edge of the Siberian taiga and means “fertile and mysterious land” in Mongolian. It is sometimes also called “God’s palette” because of the diversity and beauty of its colors.

Kanas Lake is renowned for its landscape of snow-capped mountains, its fauna, and flora! It measures 24 km in length and appears in various colors depending on weather conditions. When it is clear, the lake is blue and green or becomes pink and gray when the weather is overcast.

It is a remarkable ecosystem hosting animals of more than 300 species of insects and 117 species of birds, and more than 800 plant species, such as larches, red pines, spruces, firs, and birches.

You can take a boat trip to discover its biodiversity. On the way on the banks of the steep heights bristling with pines and birches making the landscape sublime.

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