Shaanxi History Museum

The Shaanxi History Museum praised as “the pearl of the ancient city and treasury of the Huaxia civilization”, is situated on the northwestern side of the Tang-dynasty Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in the southern suburb of Xi’an City. Built in 1983 and completed in 1991, the museum was opened to the public on 20th June 1991. As China’s first national-level modern museum, the Shaanxi History Museum is the art hall to exhibit Shaanxi’s historical culture and ancient Chinese civilization.

The museum boasted a cluster of Tang-style architecture, with a pavilion in the center and tower buildings in the four corners. The main and affiliated buildings are orderly aligned and combined the national tradition, local style, and contemporary spirit. The museum is 6.5 hectares in size, while the exhibition hall measures 1.1 hectares and collects 1.7 million pieces (sets) of artifacts, spread over two levels and three exhibition halls.

The diverse range of artifacts in the Shannxi Museum is of high quality and has great historical value. Some of the essential collections include the awe-inspiring Shang-and-Zhou dynasty bronzes, the vivid and colorful terracotta figurine, the elegant gold and silver objects of the Han and Tang dynasties, and unparalleled mural paintings of the Tang dynasty. The most striking pieces come from the sites of the Terracotta Warriors and the Neolithic village of Banpo. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to discover the first paper produced in China and its manufacturing secrets.

A visit to this museum is a must, and it is worth spending 1.5 to 2-hour emerged in the history and culture of ancient China.

Useful information

Chinese Name: 陕西省历史博物馆
Location: Located northwest of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in the ancient city of Xi’an
Opening time:
In winter (15/11-14/03) from Tuesday to Sunday: 9h00 – 17h30
In summer (15/03-14/11) from Tuesday to Sunday: 8h30 -14h00
Close every Monday
Admission: Free but special exhibitions require a ticket
Recommended length of visit: 1-3 hours
Subway: Line 1 and 2, get off at Xiaozhai 小寨站

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