Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash- “the Stairway to Heaven” at 6,638 meters high is recognized as the center of the world by over a billion Buddhists, Bon, Hindus, and Jains. In Hinduism, Mount Kailash is where Shiva (the Supreme Being) resides. In the scriptures of Tibetan Buddhism, Mount Kailash is the “King of the Sacred Mountains”. The springs at the foot of the mountain are the source of the four major rivers in Asia: the Indus, the Sutlej, the Ganges, and the Brahmaputra.

Climbing this mountain is not permitted due to its sanctity. But every year, thousands of pilgrims come to Kailash for a Kor – trek around it. A three-day clockwise walk around Mount Kailash is one of the world’s great overland trips. But not all the tourists can finish this trip because of the high altitude, starting at 4670 meters and passing the Drolma-La Pass at 5650 meters. You’ll walk with Tibetan nomads, Indian tourists, and Bon pilgrims, passing three monasteries and lots of Marnyi Stone (stone carved with mantras) along the road.

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