Siguniang Mountain

Siguniang Mountain is located in western Sichuan province, about 205 km from Chengdu. Siguniang Shan means “Four Sisters Mountain” in Chinese. It is popular with nature lovers for its well-protected flora and fauna, as well as its picturesque and vertiginous mountain views. The mountain is comparable to the Alps in Europe, winning the “Eastern Alps” award. It has also been designated as a “World Natural Heritage site for giant pandas in Sichuan”.

This magical land is surrounded by 52 snow-capped peaks over 5,000 meters above sea level. The landscape consists of valleys, grasslands, alpine lakes, and forests.

Siguniang consists of four peaks: Dafeng peak (the oldest sister peak), Erfeng Peak (second sister peak), Sanfeng Peak (third sister peak), and Yao Mei Peak (youngest sister peak). It is surrounded by three huge valleys – Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley, and Haizi Valley. The fourth peak, Yaomei Feng, literally means “the youngest sister peak”. It is also known as the “Queen of Sichuan Mountains” because it is the second-highest peak in the Sichuan region! Yaomei Peak is also one of the “Ten Most Famous Rock climbing mountains in China”.

To make the most of the trip, we combined our exploration of Siguniang Mountain National Park with a visit to the Wolong Panda Research Center, home to more than 30 giant pandas.

We recommend this place for people who love wild nature and hiking and can tailor the hike to each wish and physical condition.

Useful Information

Chinese name: Four girls Mountain (四姑娘山)
Location: 212 km Chengdu; Ya’an, 231 km; Dujiangyan, 146 km; Emil Hill, 315 km; Leshan, 380 km;
Opening Hours: Peak season (01/04-30/11), 07h00-15 h30
Low season (01/12-31/03), 08 h00-15 h00
Tickets: 120 RMB/per.
Recommended visit time: 1-2 days

When to Visit Siguniangshan?

July and August is the best time to hike on the Siguniang Mountain, where green mountains and valleys greet you.

October and November are also good months to visit Mount Siguniang when the skies tend to be clear. In autumn, the surrounding environment is covered with colorful autumn leaves.

How to Go to Siguniangshan?

Currently, as there is no airport or train station in the mountainous area, the scenic area cannot be reached by high-speed rail or air. Visitors usually take 4-5 hours by private car or 7-8 hours by coach from Chengdu to Mount Siguniang.

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