Jiuzhaigou, located northwest of Sichuan Province, near the border with Gansu Province, and more than 400 kilometers from Chengdu, is the first nature reserve in China whose main purpose is to protect the natural landscape. Named after the nine Tibetan villages, Jiuzhaigou is listed as a World Natural Heritage by UNESCO and is famous for its “six wonders” – the emerald lake, waterfalls, colorful forests, snowy mountains, Tibetan customs, and blue ice.

The beauty of Jiuzhaigou has been described as “unearthly”: it is rich in animal and plant resources, with a wide variety of species and primeval forests inhabited by more than ten kinds of rare and precious wild animals such as giant pandas; from a distance, the snow-capped peaks stand out; coupled with the cultural landscape composed of the Tibetan wooden buildings, the hanging prayer flags, trestle bridges, mills, Tibetan customs and myths, and legends, makes Jiuzhaigou beautiful in all seasons, like a fairy tale.

April to November is the peak season of Jiuzhaigou tourism. Around April, Jiuzhaigou is covered with red, purple, blue, and yellow flowers. From June to August, it is a good place for summer vacation because the cool climate brought by the high altitude can keep tourists away from the heat. Also, it is the best time to watch the green lakes and waterfalls due to the abundant water supply. October and November see the most brilliant Jiuzhaigou scenery as the forests are dressed in beautiful colors and all reflected in the bright lakes.

Useful Information

Name: 九寨沟
Recommended Visiting Time: 2 days
Best Seasons: Late April to Late October
Opening hours: 07h00-18h00
Tickets: 190 RMB/per. (peak season: first April to 15th November) ou 80 RMB/per. (low season: 16th November to 31st March)
Situation: Chengdu, 425km; Dujiangyan, 358km; Leshan, 559km; Langmusi, 315km.
Website: https://en.jiuzhai.com/

How Go To Jiuzhaigou?

By private car
It takes 8/9 hours by car from Chengdu. Generally, we suggest staying overnight on the road in Mao County or Songpan City to shorten the long trip and visit the Huanglong Conservation Area.

Charter car travel allows you to fully appreciate the beautiful scenery and stop when you want to take beautiful photos. Pay attention that the elevation of this region is high (3500 m), and the temperature often drops very low. In winter, the roads will be blocked by the heavy snow.

By plane
Before the COVID, there are more than a dozen flights a day from the Chengdu Shuangliu Airport or Tianfu Airport to Huanglong Airport. From Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Kunming, and Xi ‘an, there are also direct flights.

When you arrive at Huanglong airport, you can take the regular shuttle bus to Jiuzhaigou which takes 1 hour 30 to 2 hours.

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