Danba, 330 kilometers away from Chengdu, is located in Garzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. When you arrive in the Danba valley, you can see many villages sitting on sunny hillsides made up of several generations. The most beautiful village is “Jia Ju”, which means 100 families in Tibetan. It’s considered one of the most beautiful countryside in all of China. People here work on farms and orchards. If you don’t want to have too many tourists, you are suggested to visit the Zhonglu Village, which is more isolated.

Suopo is another unique village to visit. Suopo is the place with the largest concentration and number of ancient Diaolou (watchtower) in China, with the reputation of “thousands of ancient Diaolou”. About 2000 years ago, Suopo Village began to build towers, and 84 towers in height from 10 to 30 meters were built standing magnificently in this village hidden in a narrow valley, mostly quadrilateral, pentagonal, and hexagonal.

For people who like hiking, it’s a great opportunity to take the idyllic trails from Zhonglu Village to Suopo Village. It takes about 6 to 7 hours to walk at a moderate pace. The distance is short, but the height difference is important (approx. 1000 m), and the altitude is over 3,400 meters in some places. It is an unforgettable trip to immerse in local life with friendly locals in the heart of nature. You’ll go through some charming Tibetan villages, rice paddies, and the Dadu River.

Danba is also reputed as “the Capital of Oriental Chinese Beauty”, for the girls here are very charming, especially when they wear colorful clothes during the festivals. All the Tibetans are good at dancing. Every festival, they will dance the Guozhuang, meanwhile, you will feel that the girls who dance are like flying birds.

When Go To Danba?

The best time for the visit to Danba is May, June, September, and October. From May, it becomes warmer, and there are lots of flowers in blossom in the mountains. In June, all mountains turn green. Summer is the rainy period, so sometimes the route is dangerous because of the landslides or debris flow. In September and October, the temperature falls, but not cold. You will see the change in the colors of the vegetation. From November to April, it is winter for this area.

How Go To Danba?

There is currently no plane or train to Danba, and the best way is to charter a car with an experienced driver from a travel agency to go to Danba.

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