Jade Buddha Temple

Situated in the western part of Shanghai, the Jade Buddha Temple (Chinese name is 玉佛禅寺) is a Buddhist temple and was first built in 1882. It is famous for housing the two pieces of Jade Buddha imported from Burma – one is the sitting Jade Buddha with 1.95 meters tall, and the other reclining Jade Buddha with 0.96 meters tall.

The Jade Buddha Temple is called the pure land from the modern bustle of Shanghai, where monks may be seen and heard conducting Buddhist ceremonies.

Useful Information

Best Seasons: All seasons, especially spring and autumn
Recommended Visiting Time: about 1~2 hours
Open Hours: 08:00~16:30 (except for national festivals)
Tickets: 30 RMB (including Jade Buddha Pavilion)
Vegetarian Restaurant Opening Hours: 08:00~16:30
Address: No. 170 Anyuan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai 上海市普陀区 安远路170号

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