French Concession

Shanghai French Concession is one of the two concessions in Shanghai (the other being the Shanghai Public Concession). It was built in 1849 and handed over to China in 1943, coexisting for 94 years. The French Concession was originally only 986 mu. After three westward expansions, it reached 15,150 mu in 1914. The territory stretched from the Huangpu River to Xujiahui. In the French Concession, roads are well planned, including different types of buildings, such as factories, residences, etc., are also staggered. Therefore, after the 1920s, the French Concession developed into the best and most exclusive residential area in Shanghai.

Visitors wandering here, in addition to seeing some European-style villas that still retain the atmosphere of “Oriental Paris”, historical buildings with different styles, and former residences of celebrities, can also get a real experience of a leisure center with distinctive cultural features, which have been evolved from history.

Useful Information

Best Seasons: All Seasons
Recommended Visiting Time: 1 hour
Tickets: Free

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