Zhenguo Temple

Zhenguo Temple, 13 kilometers from Pingyao Ancient City, was first founded in 936, more than a thousand years history.

Conquering the world with its architecture, Zhenguo Temple is one of the great treasures of ancient Chinese architecture, with not a single nail in the entire temple and all structures made of wood and wood dovetailing into each other (mortise and tenon structure).  

The temple is divided into two parts, from south to north, including the Hall of the Heavenly King, the Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas, and the Three Buddha Tower. The Hall of Ten Thousand Buddhas, in the front courtyard, is one of the oldest surviving wooden structures in China. The Three Buddha Tower is the main building in the rear courtyard. The most famous feature of this hall is the Ming Dynasty murals on the surrounding walls, which are a complete and smooth composition of the life of Buddha Shakyamuni, and are among the treasures of the Ming Dynasty murals. Besides, don’t miss the elegant statue of Avalokitesvara and other Buddha sculptures.

Useful information

Chinese Name: 镇国寺
Location: 10 km from the Ancient Town of Pingyao, Shanxi Province.
Opening hours: 8h30 – 17h30
Entrance fee: 25 RMB/person
Average time for this activity: 1 hour

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