Wang Family Courtyard

Wang Family Courtyard, located 35 kilometers from Pingyao Ancient City, is a luxurious residence completed over 300 years during the Ming and Qing dynasties by the descendants of the Wang Family.

It covers approximately 34450 square meters with 231 courtyards and 2078 rooms. It is not only an example of residential architecture but also a museum of architectural art. Its sculptures of stone, wood, and brick can be found everywhere in the courtyard, and the crafts are refined and exquisite.

The most remarkable sites are the East courtyard (Gaojiaya), the West courtyard (The castle with the red door), the Chongning Bao, and the room of paintings and calligraphy.

Useful information

Chinese Name: 王家大院
Location: Located 53 km southwest of Pingyao, Shanxi province
Opening time:
High season (01/04-31/10): 8h30-17h30
Low season (01/11-31/03): 8h30-17h00
Ticket: 55 RMB/person (high season) or 35 RMB/person (low season).
Recommended length of visit: 3 hours

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