Shuanglin Temple

Considered “the Treasure of Painted Sculptures in the Orient”, Shuanglin Si Temple, 6 km from Pingyao Ancient City, was built in the 6th century of the Northern Wei Dynasty about 571 AD and is known for its magnificent sculptures.

Listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 1997, Shuanglin Temple has over 2000 painted sculptures and the highest is about 3 meters, while the lowest is 30 centimeters. In the 10 halls, you can see many magnificent painted sculptures of four guardian warriors, Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Eighteen Arhats, and a large area of murals about the Sakyamuni’s birth to his enlightenment. All of the works are very delicate and well-preserved, especially the Thousand-hand Avalokitesvara (26 hands in fact) and Dharmapala Weituo. Visiting Shuanglin Temple helps you know more about Buddhism and painted sculpture – one of the most archaic civil arts in China.

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