Shaolin Temple

Located about 50 km southeast of Luoyang, the Shaolin Temple is one of the main Zen Buddhist temples in China. The monks have a chance to stay here for their meditation, where the setting is particularly bucolic and inspiring. We see a flowery landscape and pine forests on the mountain accompanied by the song of birds and the rustling of a stream splashing the banks.

Shaolin Temple is also the cradle of Kung Fu. Founded around 497 under the Northern Wei Dynasty, it is reputed to be: “the first martial art temple in the world”. This is largely due to the many books and movies that publicized Shaolin Kung Fu. Today, you can still see young students and monks learning Kungfu in the scenic area, and the Kung Fu performances will give you a deep impression during the visit.

The Shaolin Temple and its Pagoda Forest were inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. While the buildings are similar to many others in China, the Pagoda Forest is perhaps the most unique part of the Shaolin Temple. The Pagoda Forest, about 300 m from the complex, was a burial ground for eminent monks of the past generations. Each pagoda holds a tomb, and there are so many scattered close together that the site resembles a forest.

Useful information

Chinese Name: 少林寺
Opening hours: 08h00-18h00
Ticket: 80 RMB/person
Recommended length of visit: One day
Location: Dengfeng, 75 km; Kaifeng, 190 km; Zhengzhou, 105 km.

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