Hong Kong

Hong Kong means “fragrant port”, “incense gate” or “fragrant coast”, and is the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (another one is Macao). It is located at the mouth of the Pearl River on the coast of the South China Sea, across the sea from Macao in the west, adjacent to Shenzhen in the north, and the area covers Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories, and 262 surrounding islands.

Hong Kong is a highly prosperous free port and a cosmopolitan city, together with New York and London, and it is the third largest financial center in the world, an important international center for finance, trade, shipping, and international innovation and technology, and one of the world’s freest economies and most competitive cities.

Formerly, it was first of all the English who sent whole cargoes of opium through this island. Later, all the businessmen and entrepreneurs of the planet were interested in the specific characteristics of Hong Kong.

In terms of tourism, the image we have of Hong Kong is wrongly summed up in tall towers as far as the eye can see. But the territory is also full of natural parks and beaches to allow you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Useful Information

Area: 1104.43 km²
Average annual temperature: 22.8 degrees
Geography: Located on a hill
Population: 7,413,070 inhabitants. (2021)
Altitude: 32m
Ethnic minorities: Mainly populated by Han
Economy: Import-export, tourism, finance

What to visit in Hong Kong and its surroundings

In a city as vibrant as Hong Kong, you can enjoy the best surprising exotic experiences!

From ancient to more modern culture, from natural panoramas to urban neighborhoods through local and international flavors, it is an explosive mix that awaits you. With such diverse choices, to help you decide, here is a list of the best experiences you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Hong Kong.

Hiking in the great natural spaces. Over 70% of Hong Kong is green space. There are many hiking trails to discover exceptional panoramas.

Climb the steps of the giant Buddha that watches over Hong Kong. Like a god, the Tian Tan Buddha is a breathtaking statue 34 meters high. Board the cable car to reach it and stop for lunch at the nearby Po Lin Monastery.

Enjoy the evening and the nightlife. Lan Kwai Fong & SoHo areas are the most festive places on Hong Kong Island, and you can party all night long. For a quieter evening head to the Kowloon district and onto Tung Choi Street, this is the locals’ favorite street. Here you experience the quiet atmosphere of Hong Kong in the evening.

A city of light!
Admire the panorama of this luminous city. Hong Kong is a striking mix of towering structures and shimmering lights. Take in views of the city’s two ports, stroll the Tsim Sha Tsui promenade, and then grab a drink from a rooftop bar.

Have fun in the many theme parks. Hong Kong’s theme parks are playgrounds for all ages, suitable for the whole family. “Ocean Park Hong Kong” offers hair-raising rides while “Hong Kong Disneyland” is the perfect family weekend.

Take self-guided walks. Several fascinating self-guided walks are possible in Hong Kong. Old Town Central is the perfect starting point. Alternatively, explore one of Hong Kong’s traditional working-class neighborhoods, Sham Shui Po.

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