Nestled in the heart of a valley, Zhaoxing is a group of 6 villages occupied by the Dong ethnic group and is particularly well-preserved. Rich in more than 2000 years of history, they are characterized by architecture entirely in wood with an assembly without nails on the mortise and tenon principle. Every day, the village is animated by shows where young girls dance in traditional costumes accompanied by melodious songs.

The village of Zhaoxing invites you to stroll through its alleys, several wind and rain bridges, and drum towers specifically to the Dong culture. It was ranked 17th among the 33 most scenic sites in China by National Geographic.

The most authentic part of the village is located on the eastern part along the river, less commercial where it is common to meet Dong men and women looking for a bit of freshness in the evening on the benches laid out under the wind and rain bridges. The village offers many stalls with artisans who sell batiks, musical instruments, local nougats, and jewelry in the Miao spirit.

From the village, we recommend visiting the small hamlet of Tang’an. You can get there by taking the shuttle just before the exit door of the village leaving every hour or on foot via the two roads that access it. Tang’an is a pretty little village more authentic than Zhaoxing and much less frequented by tourists. It is a small classic Dong village that allows you to have a superb view of the Zhaoxing Valley and its superb terraced crops.

In Zhaoxing, you can also better understand rice cultivation. Indeed, depending on the season, one can easily attend the transplanting and harvesting of plants or peeling the seeds from their pods. On market days, you will discover the outdoor meat stalls, vegetables, and fruits of the region as well as many artisanal products made by the inhabitants.

You will have a wide choice of local restaurants, and sometimes offering very spicy Dong specialties. We recommend trying the Dong fish hotpot or the crispy pork rice noodle soup. In the evening, not far from the Zhutian Tower, a one-hour cultural show is organized from 20h00.

If you have enough time at Zhaoxing, the Huanggang village, about 40 kilometers from Zhaoxing, is another village worth visiting for well-preserved residences, Drum Tours, Rain and Wind Bridge, and granaries above the little ponds.

Useful information

Chinese Name: 肇兴侗寨
Location: Southwest of Guizhou Province
Opening hours: All-day
Ticket: 100 RMB/per valid for 3 days
Recommended length of visit: 2 days

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