Located 190km from Guiyang and Guilin, Rongjiang is an ideal stopover for any route combining Guangxi and Guizhou.

Like Kaili, Rongjiang is an ideal starting point for exploring the picturesque villages and minorities of Guizhou.

Besides the colorful markets of Xiajiang and Pingyong, you have access to the Dong villages of Chejiang and Yintan as well as the Miao villages of Kongshen and Baibei.

On market days, you come across Miao women in colorful skirts and full dresses (pleated Batik skirts), jackets with embroidered trim and apron, and their necks adorned with silver necklaces.

Dong women also wear a pleated skirt with a buttoned jacket in indigo blue. Shui women are characterized by their hair not being tied in a bun but wearing a black and white checkered headscarf.

In Rongjiang, every Sunday, the village is animated by a minority market. You can come for a walk and discover the most lively and colorful market in Rongjiang. The Miao and Dong inhabitants come to sell their products or do their shopping and walk around with bamboo cages filled with hens or ducks. Fish are sold alive, like other poultry. In China, people like to buy fresh meat, so poultry is often killed in the market.

The village of Rongjiang is not immune to rain. The whole Qiandongnan region has the same climate, and that is to say: it is neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter, but it rains most of the time.

Useful information

Chinese Name: 榕江
Location: 6 km south of Congjiang District
Opening hours: All-day
Ticket: 60 RMB/per.
Recommended length of visit: 1 day and a half

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