Yangshuo is a small county crossed by the Li River and surrounded by Karst Mountains. Its center is built along a small river and has many pretty old streets full of shops, restaurants, and lively bars.

The rippling Li River flows through the county and brings it breathtaking natural beauty. The county is considered one of the most beautiful in China, and the local scenery is the essence of Yangshuo. To better appreciate the beauty of Yangshuo, it is a good choice to take a bamboo raft to travel the Li River from Yangdi to Xingping. The view of the Li River is so beautiful that there is a picture of him on the 20 RMB. Of course, you can also take a bamboo raft on the Yulong River, and the scenery here is also very beautiful: there are phoenix-tailed bamboos, green rice, and karst peaks.

The particular geography gives it an incredible beauty which more than 1400 years of history and various ethnic minority groups give it deep traditional cultures. Keeping their original character, the villages present the simple and authentic atmosphere of the ancient city. The particular folk customs of the ethnic groups represented by their various festivals make this city lively and colorful. The Xingping and Jiuxian villages are the most popular part of the city and attract many tourists. If you like, you can go to the Liugong or Jiuxian village by bike. Not far from Yangshuo, they are famous for the old residences and still spared from mass tourism.

After watching a day’s natural beauty, you go back for a hot bath in your charming hotel and then have local specialties as a diner on West Street: beer duck. In the evening, you can go and see an amazing show: Impression Liu Sanjie. Directed by director Zhang Yimou, the performance combines Guilin scenery and the ethnic minorities’ culture, and the whole project integrates into nature. This performance takes twelve hills and a vast sky as its stage background, and over a hundred local ethnic performers present a visual feast against the light and smoke for you.

How to get to Yangshuo?

You can choose a Li River cruise from Guilin, and this 4-hour journey will bring you a visual feast.

There is no airport in this city, but the high-speed trains connect it to Guilin, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. Besides, you can take the buses from Guilin, Guangzhou, Nanning, and Shenzhen Cities.

Yangshuo Weather

The climate of Yangshuo is similar to that of Guilin. Spring and fall are the best times to visit Yangshuo. The summer can be hot and rainy, and the winter grey, dull and humid.

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