Located 140 km northwest of Guilin, Sanjiang is a county in Guangxi province. It is an ideal stopover on tours to the neighboring province of Guizhou.

Sanjiang, which means “three rivers” in Chinese, reflects the location of the city in the heart of the Menjiang, Rongjiang, and Xunjiang rivers. This part of Guangxi is populated by the Dong minority recognized throughout China for its know-how in woodworking.

The old villages of Sanjiang are built entirely of wood and without using the slightest nail on the mortise and tenon principle. All Dong villages have at least two common buildings specific to their culture. A drum house serves as a gathering place for special events as well as a wind and rain bridge.

The most beautiful and representative bridge of 78 meters is located in the village of Chengyang, and it is the ideal starting point for hiking along the many paths crisscrossing the green countryside.

In Mapang, you will see the most beautiful drum house, and if the opportunity arises, do not hesitate to take advantage of the Dong festivals for their magnificent songs and dances classified as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

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